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Empower and motivate your housekeeping teams

We understand that care homes and their housekeeping teams are under pressure from mounting tasks, increased paperwork, regulatory red tape, low morale & increasing staff shortages. Jeeni is here to help fix that!

Your 3 wishes, granted!


Jeeni gives you a complete, real-time, view of your housekeeping operations from afar, across a single site or multiple locations.


Jeeni ensures compliance across, COSHH, CQC, CI, policies, cleaning charters and improved standards across your homes.


Jeeni has built-in instant messaging that allows constant two-way communication with your teams, across multiple sites.

Jeeni is built for care home owners that want to power up their housekeeping function. If you are looking to increase productivity, motivate your teams and have a singular view of everything that is happening, then Jeeni is for you.

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Jeeni empowers housekeeping teams, and  gives an overview of all housekeeping activities to management in one single view.

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For Housekeeping Teams

  • Provides structure via easy to follow task management
  • Provides an activity overview at the click of a button
  • Allows easy communication within teams
  • Removes reliance on paper based documents

For Management Teams

  • Gives control and real time visibility of department
  • Centralises information and data collection
  • Clarifies targets and improves standards
  • Allows constant communication to teams
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Jeeni increases productivity by up to

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Jeeni cuts team costs by up to

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We understand care home housekeeping challenges, we’ve over 20 years of experience managing them, so we’ve seen first hand the issues that can arise at both a management level and the issues housekeepers face on a daily basis, we built Jeeni to help solve these common problems:

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  • CalendarPoorly structured days
  • ClipboardReliance on paper-based documents
  • CheckboxNon-compliant activities taking place
  • TeamInconsistency across teams
  • BinocularsNo insight into the progress of work
  • ChartNo management information
  • SpeechLack of communication across sites
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Jeeni is here to grant you the wishes to solve all of your housekeeping challenges.

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  • What is the cost of Jeeni?

    This is a subscription-based service with a monthly fee. There is a modest initial set-up cost.

  • Is there a set-up fee?

    Yes, there is a set-up cost based on the number of homes in the group.

  • Are tablets included or do we buy our own?

    You can provide your own tablets, or these can be sourced from us at an additional cost.

  • Are updates included?

    The subscription includes ongoing updates.

  • Is there ongoing support?

    Yes, there is a dedicated support function with a helpdesk.

  • Are schedules bespoke to my home/group?

    Yes, they are. Schedules will be put together after the onboarding meeting.

  • How easy is it to make changes to schedules?

    Extremely easy, changes can be made immediately at a press of a button. Changes need a certain access level.

See what Jeeni can do!

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 to find out if it could help you, please contact us.

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